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Guantanamo City Architecture

The first constructions of 20th Century in Guantánamo, inform a modest transition of the planimetrical and altimetrical schemes developed in the colony, next to the desire of renovation of its builders and owners, who use external criterions that refers to the persistence of a neoclassicism on decadence. In order to obtain such an effect, it was used on the sheet of galvanized zinc.

North American, stamped, with which it was obtained an excellent invoice, doing a new architecture or at least imitates it with low economic budgets, was city. That architecture, that demanded certain industrial support in the confection considerably less, got to extend itself in the middle of the decade 1910-20.

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The decade of 1920 to 30 gave leave to the concretion of a novel architecture, that reinterpreted deliberately, previous formal canons, disseminated, principally by the urban center of the city: the presence of ours Eclecticism.

The Eclecticism broke with the austerity of the early constructions and brought a decorative persistence on the facades and limited inner parts.

The eclectic constructions of this city harmony, more than, the city grows and is developed enormously under this influence without sign if transformation of the quadricle almost Cartesian of its blocks.

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The Eclecticism, in many occasions, was limited - in the case of the dwelling houses to “modernize” de facade, as a cheap mechanism of insert the ancient colonial structure in the new architecture image.

It is also allusive to the mosaic of nationalities that were established in that eastern region and although is modest, selective and sometimes reiterative, it got to express the spiritual feeling of a social group that changed the urban image of the city and fortified it politely characterizing it as one.

Among the main architecture works in Guantanamo can appreciate the following: